Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why ESPN's Cell Phone Gambits Are Inevitably Doomed

No amount of "booyahs!" or "Mike and Mike" cross-promotions can substitute for basic math skills. And if you can't add, how can you make a viable business plan?

From Bugs and Cranks (Hat tip, Deadspin):

The above image came from an ad for the ESPN MVP feature for Verizon cell phones in the sports section of last Friday’s USA Today. At first glance, the advertisement appears ordinary enough, with a description of all the benefits of the package, including live game updates on your cell phone. However, a closer look at a sample screen shot of ESPN MVP in use (the part circled in red) reveals a bit of a problem:

Yup, that’s right, 7 + 17 = 23. In other words, either ESPN MVP will f' up the score of the game or they just can’t do simple arithmetic in Bristol.

Equally disturbing is Steve Dele's catch for 165 yards and the touchdown.

UPDATE 4.18pm:

You know, if this is the Steve Dele to which ESPN MVP is referring (see the end of the first row; they even post his common nickname, Oluwaniyi (which is Nigerian for "he whose receptions span multiple football field lengths")), they may be in luck. I don't know if Dele is much of a football receiver, but he is a Slovenian Mathematial Olympiad Deputy Leader--and ESPN could use the math refresher!


Pedro Guerrero said...

I need to pick up that Steve Dele for my fantasy football team!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

SoSG Year Two begins with a piece of hard-hitting investigative journalism that could land Steve Sax in jail if he doesn't rat on his sources.

Steve Sax said...

What's the Dele, Delino?