Monday, October 01, 2007

"He Missed The Tag! He Missed The Tag!"

Shades of Bob Uecker, what a finish. Up by two runs in extra innings, with ace closer Trevor Hoffman on the mound, potential NL MVP Matt Holliday comes in on a sac fly to Brian Giles in mid-right field...and at the play at the plate, replays show he never touched home plate. Nevertheless, he was called safe...

...and the Rockies move on to play in the NLDS against the Phillies. Stunner. Congratulations, Rockies!

Man, I love postseason baseball. Too bad the Dodgers aren't here to see it close-up!


Eric Karros said...

What the Rockies and Phillies pulled off is truly stunning and admirable. Via Baseball Prospectus: on Sept 13, Phillies had a 0.5% probability of winning the NL East, while on Sept 18 Rockies had a 1.1% probability of winning the WC. Both came to pass. Congratulations to them.