Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Former Dodgers in the 2007 Postseason

This list may or may not help you figure out for whom to root in this year's postseason. I can say, from my perspective, things became a lot clearer.

American League:

  • Angels: No former Dodgers, unless you count the Vladimir Guerrero that we should have had. Oh yeah, and Mike Scioscia of course
  • Red Sox: (SoSG's own) Alex Cora, ever-brittle JD Drew, once-heroic Eric Gagne, reptilian Julio Lugo
  • Indians: Kenny Lofton, a centerfielder with an arm (fancy that!)
  • Yankees: Wilson Betemit, and the soon-to-be-Dodger Alex Rodriguez

National League:

  • Rockies: Elmer Dessens, Matt Herges
  • Phillies: broken-hand Jayson Werth. I somehow thought we had Jose Mesa too, but that must be because he's an old pitcher--he'll probably play for us next year, if Colletti has any say in the matter
  • Diamondbacks: Stephen Drew never played for us but he's related to the brittle bailer
  • Cubs: Daryle Ward

If I've forgotten someone, please leave a comment; this was done rather quickly and I probably missed some players who had short stints with the Dodgers.

UPDATE 10/5: Looks like MVN picked up on this idea, and, unlike our list, added some well-placed stats to better help you determine where to direct your hatred. Thinking about JD Screw in the playoffs gives me chills.


Alex Cora said...

And I will dedicate this post season to my brother, Joey.