Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stay on Target: Torre Deal Closer

From "Little resigns; Torre, Dodgers close" by Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times (reg.):

On the day Manager Grady Little resigned, the Dodgers were close to a completing a deal that would make Joe Torre their manager, a move that could result in the free-agent signing of Alex Rodriguez.

Sources said that the Dodgers and the former Yankees manager have agreed to the terms of his contract, and what remains to be done is to agree on issues about the coaching staff and his input on player personnel moves. Torre wants to choose his own coaches, among them Don Mattingly, and is negotiating the amount of money to be spent on them. The deal could be completed in the next day.

The signing of Torre would end the two-year reign of Little, whose resignation was announced by General Manager Ned Colletti on a conference call this afternoon, and would make the acquisition of Rodriguez a serious possibility. Rodriguez, who opted out of the most lucrative contract in baseball history and filed for free agency Monday, has a close relationship with Torre.

I swear, Ned's as smooth as Milhouse Van Houten. Let's get this deal done with and move past the embarrassment.


Steve Sax said...

What is Olmedo Saenz doing in an X-Wing?

tad swifty said...

That guy is my most favorite fringe character of the original star wars series...even better than the little puppet sidekick of jabba who just cackled away...kinda like mrs. mc...oops!

If Chris Farley had been old enough, he would have been perfect for that role. Wedge on the other hand, was completely boring.

Steve Sax said...

Wedge wasn't completely boring--he just couldn't do any more good back there.