Friday, October 12, 2007

Dodgers Trivia Question: Who Is This Man?

16 Dodgers have been named Rookie of The Year. This man has the distinction of being the a Dodger Rookie of the Year to have played the most games in a Dodgers Uniform (1,956 career games as a Dodger). Who is he? (Don't cheat by looking it up on Google until after you've thought about it)


Orel said...

Nice label work there, Pedro.

Steve Sax said...

Pedro Guerrero's SAT

What is Y in the equation X + Y = 4, when X = 2?

A) Y = 1
B) Y = 2
C) Y = 3
D) Y = 4

Labels: B-is-the-right answer

Orel said...

On the other hand, the braille version of Sons of Steve Garvey is a big hit.

Orel said...

And don't look at the name of that picture file!

Rob said...

Jim F*cking Gilliam, AKA the Devil himself. Like, was this supposed to be hard or something?

Steve Sax said...

I didn't know he had an asterisk in his name. Cool.