Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Post-Game 150 Thread: Dodgers Cruise To Victory Over Rockies

Reference to Cruise #1


Roberto Hernandez was ineffective at Coors Field, but it didn't matter as the Dodgers rolled to a huge victory at Coors Field.

The sixth inning began as a 3-3 tie before an absolute eruption by the Dodgers, who cruised to victory as follows:

  • Carl Crawford HBP
  • Juan Uribe single
  • A.J. Ellis single
  • Justin Turner 2-RBI double
  • Dee Gordon RBI single
  • Yasiel Puig walk
  • Adrian Gonzalez 2-RBI single
  • Matt Kemp K, for out #1
  • Hanley Ramirez RBI double
  • Carl Crawford sac fly
  • Juan Uribe RBI double
  • A.J. Ellis ground out

8 runs. 12 batters. Seven batters reached base without the Rockies recording an out.

Now of course, the only thing everyone wanted to talk about was Kemp and Puig appearing to have a disagreement in the visitor's dugout, with Kemp yelling at Puig as Puig walked away. It got to the point that even the LAT's Steve Dilbeck mocked the kerfuffle, and subsequent speculation.

I'm not a lip reader, but if I'm reading correctly, I think Kemp had ordered Puig a pizza, and Yasiel didn't like the mushroom topping, forcing Kemp to get mad that he'd paid the extra 95-cent charge for mushrooms. I get it, man.

11-3 final, and with the Giants' loss the Dodgers stretch their lead to four games.