Saturday, September 13, 2014

Post-Game 147 Thread: Well, That Wasn't Good


Chris Perez' sighting in the second inning evidenced Don Mattingly knew from the start this game was going to be a loss. Watching Hyun-Jin Ryu have the Giants bat around in the first before being lifted with shoulder irritation; Hanley Ramirez' limited defensive range; Yasiel Puig continuing to make throwing miscues; the Dodgers stranding a leadoff double; Kevin Correia continuing to look horrible--this was a shitshow of ultimate proportions. Well done, Donnie.


Dusty Baker said...

Can we just lose to the Cardinals and get this season over with?

Dusty Baker said...

I feel like Hungover Hulk. We suck and we blow all at once. Boooooooooooo!

spank said...

lasts nights game sucked major ass. i'll need tons of booze to get through this evenings game.