Monday, September 15, 2014

Post-Game 149 Thread: We Make Party


My memory is a bit hazy. But I seem to recall inviting a number of friends over to watch the game yesterday and drink some beers and eat some nachos and chicken wings. And Clayton Kershaw was dominant, earning his major-league leading 19th win. And Matt Kemp jacked a two-run HR (his 20th) to put the game out of reach (a 4-1 lead at that point). And Kenley Jansen earned the save. And Juan Uribe and A.J. Ellis both had RBI, the latter coming when Uribe hustled all the way over to third, on his RBI single, given the Giants' two throwing errors trying to nab Hanley Ramirez (unsuccessfully; HanRam scored). I think the NL West lead is three games, with 13 to play, including the next seven against the Rockies and Cubs.

But man, it's all a blur.

What an excellent SoSG Fest 2014! More details later. When we get out of jail.


BJ Killeen said...

It really was fun, but....where did I get this tattoo of jeans?

rbnlaw said...