Sunday, March 02, 2014

Team Killeen @ Spring Training, Day Three (Part 1)

Hit it, BJ & Scott!

Most of the day was spent watching the radar and the TV weather reports to see if we were going to play a game today. Lots of rain last night became cloudy skies, and when we got to the practice field at 9 am, they had closed the gates because the fields were full of standing water. While most fans left, we stuck around and the guys came out and played catch on the field closest to the fence so Scott could grab some photos. We left for the Brewers' Maryville Baseball Park and also played weather watchers, with light drizzle keeping the fans hiding under the overhang till about a half hour before game time, when the skies dried up and we even saw a patch of blue in between the clouds.

The stadium charged $5 for parking and was definitely old school (compared to CB ranch), and we guessed there was less than half of the stadium's 8,000 seats filled, mostly with Dodgers fans. They even passed out a bobblehead of Carlos Gomez, apparently a leftover from the 2013 season. Their bobbleheads are twice the size of the Dodger ones. The food at the stadium also is way better than at CB ranch, with giant BBQ brats, pulled pork sandwiches, and ribs. The Dodgers lost 6 to 5 (we would have at least tied if Alex Guerrero hadn't fallen asleep at first base), and the two best parts of the game were when we booed Braun and called him a cheater vociferously, and when the giant sausage heads ran a heat sprint.

It stayed clear until the last out of of the top of the ninth, when it started to rain again. Great timing. Tomorrow is supposed to be cool and clear for Beckett's start on the mound. When we get home, Scott will clean up a ton more photos and pass them along to be posted!


Fred's Brim said...

@TK thanks for posting these updates. You have me very envious of your lifestyle

Alex Cora said...

Great updates! Glad you got the game in between the rainstorms.

Dusty Baker said...

While reading quickly without my glasses this morning, I thought the text said "...giant BBQ rats..."

Dusty Baker said...

That's a great shot of the wee lads on their smart phones, no doubt texting their buddies to tell them what autographs they had just gotten on their caps.

BJ Killeen said...

Dusty, they were playing video games, lol.