Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Australia's Revered Cricket Pitches...Now With More Penis

With two baseball teams full of uncouth American sportsmen descending upon Sydney, one would think MLB would want us on our best behavior, right? But what if fitting in with the locals meant drawing penis artwork on Australia's sacred grounds?

SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S Daniel Worrall has set a new benchmark in bizarre cricketing offences after being suspended for scratching an image of a penis and testicles into a pitch.

Worrall curated the creative graffiti after a Futures League — effectively the state second XI competition — match between Victoria and South Australia at Toorak Park in Melbourne last week.

The ground was due to be used for a Grade cricket final that weekend, which was seen as enough of a reason for match referee Daryl Cox to propose a two-match suspension on the 22-year-old paceman.

Worrall was reported for “acting in a way that a) was unbecoming of a representative, and b) brought the game of cricket into disrepute”.

The young quick pleaded guilty to the charge but did not agree with the penalty, which led to a hearing being held on Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately for Worrall, the original penalty was upheld and the Redbacks player will be made to serve his suspension at the start of next summer.

“We are extremely disappointed in Daniel’s actions, it’s not in line with the behaviour we expect of a Redbacks player,” SA Cricket’s high performance manager Jamie Cox said on Tuesday.

I don't know. A two-match suspension for this penis seems pretty stiff.

photo of alleged pitch penis graffiti stroked from here


Dusty Baker said...

That's a foul tip!

Dusty Baker said...

Hope this doesn't mean we have to pull out of the games.

Fred's Brim said...

I think it's just a picture of a dick-billed platypus