Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More Shrimp On The Barbie: Paul Hogan Rumored To Throw Out First Pitch

Oh man, this would be a sad day for Australia if the "celebrity" they plan to throw out the first pitch of the MLB 2014 season opener might be ancient and irrelevant actor Paul Hogan:

Iconic Aussie actor Paul Hogan could go from throwing shrimps on the barbie to throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Major League Baseball’s Sydney series.

It’s been 28 years since Crocodile Dundee smashed the US box office, becoming the second highest grossing film in 1986, and apparently the Yanks still haven’t gotten over it.

According to online bookmaker Sportsbet, Hogan - who portrayed Mick Dundee in the film - is still the personality Americans associate Australia with most.

The bookie has priced Hogan as a $2.63 chance to toss the opening pitch in game one between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday night. [...]

“Americans probably still associate Australia with Crocodile Dundee so we have made Paul Hogan the favourite to throw the first pitch,” said Sportsbet’s Shaun Anderson.

Sportsbet have created several other novelty bets around the games in Sydney, including will there be a bench clearing brawl ($1.08 no, $6.00 yes) and will there be a home run hit out of the SCG ($1.01 no, $18 yes).

What about Cate Blanchett? Nicole Kidman? Geoffrey Rush? Hugh Jackman? Naomi Watts?

Hogan's zeroes, indeed.


berkowit28 said...

Or they could annoy Australians no end ("Aus/NZ same thing, right?") and have Frodo throw out the first pitch.

Fred's Brim said...

If only Michael Hutchence or Steve Irwin were still alive

Hideo Nomo said...

What about Huge Ackman?

karen said...

@FB...I loved Steve Irwin too. But with the choices we've been given here I have to go with Hugh Jackman. I can't believe that Croc Dundee is thought to be favored here over the talented, tall, fine looking example of a man...oh my it seems I've gone off subject a bit here.

Anyway, I'll go with Hugh.

Is it hot in here??

Steve Sax said...

Kylie Minogue?

Steve Sax said...

Heath Ledger?

Dusty Baker said...

I'm going with Steve Irwin's corpse.

Which was also the name of the Flaming Menudos' spinoff polka band that sounded like such a good idea at the time.