Thursday, March 06, 2014

Spring Training Pictures 2014

Not as sharp as Scott Killeen's but not bad for a pocket camera.
Much better food that Salt River Field

Chili Dodger Dog

Before Greinke got hurt

Field o' Dreams

Hi Rick!

Paco getting some work in.

Puig getting some instructions.

So close...

Lopes, Puig and Uribe talking while Hanley is walking back to the dugout.

More instructions for Puig - with Donnie too.

Kasten and Gurnick

Our new 2nd basemen Alex Guerrero?

Ryu ran by and playfully hit Uribe on the head with a bat.  This is Uribe getting him back.

Ryu and Van Slyke

Scouts in the house

Dee Gordon

Hanley Ramirez

Random Tent


Orel said...

I really think Random Tent is going to make an impact this year.

BJ Killeen said...

That tent is where Leary and Mota were signing autographs....