Monday, October 12, 2015

Reports of Violence outside Dodger Stadium

From the LA Times:
Los Angeles police are looking for the people involved in a fight outside Dodger Stadium after Friday's playoff game that sent one fan to the hospital with critical injuries.

Few details were available Monday, including the gender or age of the person who was injured. LAPD Officer Matthew Ludwig said the person remained hospitalized Monday in critical but stable condition.

The fight broke out in a parking lot about 10:30 p.m., after the Dodgers dropped the opening game of the National League Division Series to the New York Mets, 3-1. Ludwig said a verbal argument between fans escalated into the physical confrontation.

It was not clear whether the fans were from rival teams, Ludwig said.
From ABC7's Facebook:
Attacked at Dodger Stadium. The LAPD is investigating a Friday night fight that left a Mets fan hospitalized with serious injuries after the NLDS playoff opener.

The fight, which occurred in the stadium parking lot, resulted in the victim having a portion of his skull removed, and has some fans drawing comparisons to the 2011 attack of Giants fan Brian Stow.
From KTLA:
An argument escalated into a physical altercation about 10:30 p.m. Friday outside Dodger Stadium in one of the parking lots, Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Officer Mike Lopez said. [...]

The victim, whom Lopez described as “younger” but not a juvenile, was transported to a hospital in critical but stable condition, the officer said.
No one was arrested, Lopez said.
Lopez did not know if the fight occurred between fans of opposing teams or fans of the same team, and, if so, which team.

A witness to a fight that occurred around that time said an altercation took place in Lot L of the Dodger Stadium parking lot. A fight broke out and a Mets fan threatened to shoot a Dodgers fan, whose mother began to scream at the Mets fan to get away, the witness said.
[Editor's note: More facts are out there, so let's wait for them. -D]


KLD said...

Don't ya just love how alcohol and sports go together? Attention all sports teams: charge 20 bucks for a beer and cut off sales in the 5th inning for baseball. Either idiots will stop getting as drunk as they do or you will make a fortune on sales. This is ridiculous and truly needs a dramatic response.

Orel said...

More security. It's a playoff game, for fuck's sake. There can't be enough security in the parking lots

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

When I was in the stands on Saturday, I saw plenty of police cars in the parking lot. When I was walking back to my car, wearing my Mets finest, I didn't notice a single police officer anywhere. If the Mets had won that game, I would have been far more nervous.

spank said...

too easy to blame alcohol. i blame the idiots with no balls who threaten strangers with violence and expect not to get dealt with.

Dusty Baker said...

Facts and details are hugely sketchy so I recommend not leaping to any conclusions before more is known. The media craves a more-of-same-violence narrative so let's not hand that over to them just yet. My experience on Friday night was that it was jam packed with security in and out of the stadium. I also took note and even talked w others this weekend about how the Mets fans there were great and people I observed were getting along and that it was a great atmosphere. Wasn't there Saturday so can't speak to that.

Cliff Beefpile said...

Seriously, there's all the security in the world INSIDE every sports stadium I've ever been to. In the parking lots, where fans have a higher probability of actually fighting: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Gee how interesting that it took three days for this to surface! Kudos to the Dodger organization that kept it quiet as long as they did. Nice try guys but once again we get to see just how hateful and venomous Dodger fans truly are when it comes to fans of other teams in their precious ballpark. It's not just the Mets and Giants make no mistake about that. Those two teams just seem to bring out Dodger fans absolute true colors. I used to go to that toilet of a stadium often and not just to catch the mets,but because I'm a baseball fan.It's always been pretty much the same no matter who they are playing. Dodger fans are rude,hostile and I have on more than one occasion seen them screaming at opposing fans throughout a game about how much their team sucks, throwing whatever is handy at opposing fans along with personnel insults and threats of bodily harm if they are still there at the end of the game.The last of which I found odd because most Dodger fans leave after the 7th inning because they absolutely must beat traffic. Oh and by the way I haven't been to the stadium for about twelve years so this is nothing new. So before I get hatefully spammed by every Dodger fan who reads this....Fact of the matter is you don't hear or see this bullshit making national news from other ballparks so fucking deal with it and keep your excuses of "it's not all Dodger fans,just a few bad apples" to yourself because that shit was old the first time it was used. No matter how much the Dodger organization blows smoke up everyone's ass about what a fun, friendly and laughably, family environment Dodger Stadium is...These so called fans of theirs are and always have been vicious and hateful to anyone that isn't a Dodger fan and make going to a game in LA a truly miserable experience. My observation has been that they feel the more they can either make visiting teams fans miserable or bodily hurt them then that makes them better Dodger fans supporting their team. To this I say get a clue you morons! It's a fucking GAME! Regardless of how much you hate whomever goes to your shithole of a ballpark it's still a GAME! When is this crap going to stop when someone is finally killed? Then again I doubt Dodger fans would give a flying shit as long as it's an opposing fan that died.

Pride of Dong said...

Hey Rufus T Douche, I don't come down to your work and stop you from quality control testing on anal beads. So don't come here and create a fake account just to talk sh!t on here. K, bye now!