Friday, October 02, 2015

Hardball Passport

We at Sons of Steve Garvey have always been obsessed with keeping track of games we attend, even associating the Dodgers' success - or failure - to our own attendance. Almost since our inception, we've kept track of games attended on the rudimentary, yet much loved side bar (hey, we're doing pretty well this year at 26-11!). Some of us - ok, me in particular - even keep a spreadsheet of games we attend complete with scores and links to the box score on Baseball Reference.

For some time now, though, things have been different. One could easily say improved. There is an amazing website called Hardball Passport where one can create an account and enter the games one attended, and it will keep track of those games, the stadiums you visited, statistics based on the box score of those games, etc. As the folks who run the site put it, Hardball Passport is "a virtual shoebox of ticket stubs, bucket lists, arena-going challenges, personal stats and trip planning." One can earn various stamps along the way for milestones like attending an Opening Day game or a World Series game, X amount of games in a season, and so forth. And for us statheads, the ability to see, say, the top pitching performances of any game you have attended is just damn cool.

SoSGers, go try this out now. And after you've signed up, make a contribution to help them maintain a robust website and service. Maintaining and upgrading the site is time-consuming and expensive, and those guys do it out of love.

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Jason said...

The MLB Ballpark app also does this. You can "checkin" at a stadium (or within .25 mile or so) and you can enter previous game dates going back 10 years or so. Other than the stupid 10 year cutoff (which cuts off my last/only visit to Petco, whatever the Angels call their dump and what was once the BOB), it's a reasonably accurate snapshot of my in-person history that all the overpriced ballpark beer has made me forget.