Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Dodgers End Up #6 In Jonah Keri's Final "The 30"

In his final "The 30" column for the year, Jonah Keri of Grantland has the Dodgers fifth, and adds some insight into what makes Zack Greinke so good:

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70, plus-72, LW: 5)

While we wait for the playoffs to start and for Zack Greinke to take the lowest starting-pitcher ERA in 20 years into the postseason, check out this piece by Eno Sarris at FanGraphs. In it, Greinke says he’s tried to avoid attacking hitters inside too often, because even though he feels he can induce weaker contact that way, he also found that hitters managed to bloop more balls for hits on inside pitches than on outside ones. As Sarris goes on to explain, Greinke’s suspicion turns out to be well-founded.

Over the years, many misguided writers have tried to argue that Greinke is a head case not fit for the big stage. But as Sarris, Molly Knight in her book The Best Team Money Can Buy, and Greinke himself demonstrate, the Dodgers right-hander isn’t only one of the best pitchers the game has seen in years. He’s also one of the smartest.

#6 is a little bit of a degradation from the prior week, but apparently we've been vaulted by the Royals. Go figure.


spank said...

can't wait for the Greinke post season interviews. dude is a laugh riot,yes.

Fred's Brim said...

Love the new pic, spank
I think Dre was trolling you with that one

spank said...

FB that mutt has been trolling me all year. you've witnessed it. haha