Thursday, October 01, 2015

ESPN Transactions Issue: Dodgers / Padres Trade Recap

Looking through the latest ESPN the Rag "Transactions Issue", was interested to see their take on the off-season trade between the Dodgers and Padres on December 18, 2014, and how all of this panned out (as per Dan Szymborski):


we begin with the grand swap upon which the Padres' gambit relied, the acquisition of Matt Kemp (and most of his [e]normous contract) for the team's starting catcher and two prospects. The trade hinged upon three assumptions: that Kemp's .309/365/608 second half in 2014 meant the return of MVP-level Kemp; that his defense would be even adequate; and that Yasmani's Grandal's sterling season was fool's gold. All of these assumptions proved wrong. Kemp's minus-13.1 UZR (ultimate zone rating) is worst among right fielders, he's hitting just .266--and Grandal was an All-Star. Whoops!

Padres got: Kemp (6.7 WAR), Tim Federowicz (5.9), -$32M cash; Dodgers got: Grandal (6.8), Zach Elfin (1.5), Joe Wieland (2.8) [all WAR projections through Sept 1].

The assessment of Kemp is probably spot on, even if Grandal has withered in these past two months of the season. Much as I hate to see Kemp in another uniform, it was probably one of Andrew Friedman's best moves this year.


QuadSevens said...

One part that wasn't mentioned in this piece is Joc. He wasn't a part of the deal directly, but having him in the minors allowed Friedman the flexibility to trade Kemp. Joc was an All-Star as well and even though his offense has dipped in the second half, his defense has been strong all year. Definitely an improvement over Kemp.