Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Post-Game 150 Thread: Nervous Time


Alex Wood was fine, taking a 1-0 game into the seventh inning. But the Dodgers were horrible, making stupid errors all over the place (Alex Guerrero getting flummoxed by an over-the-shoulder catch; A.J. Ellis letting a ball pass for a run; Jim Johnson being Jim Johnson), and adding no offense to boot. The magic number stays at seven. And this team, which apparently includes Chris Heisey in centerfield thanks to Don Mattingly, does not seem to give a damn.

So let's consult Don Mattingly, right? Surely Mattingly will instill some urgency here:

"Guys do look ahead," he said. "You've got to win a game. We've got a veteran group for the most part that's been through battles; it's not like we're going to get surprised by what's going on. We've got Chase [Utley] and Howie [Kendrick] and Jimmy [Rollins] and even our guys have been through this a few years. I feel like we won't panic."

Well, that wasn't very reassuring.



QuadSevens said...

During the game last night Vinny commented on the number of different lineups Mattingly has used this year. Somewhere around 125 I think. Then he mentioned a couple other teams (the Cardinals were one) that had used around the same number of different lineups. I thought we were the only team with the "pick a lineup out of a hat" policy, but I guess not.