Friday, September 25, 2015

Game 153 Thread: Sept. 25 @ Rockies, 6p

Mike Bolsinger (6-4, 3.25) vs. David Hale (4-5, 6.32 after the first inning).

Dammit, we Sons celebrated so hard after dropping the magic number to three Thursday night (thanks to the Dodgers' 6-3 win over Arizona, plus the Giants' late inning collapse against San Diego), that we forgot to queue the GT up today...and we are already up 1-0 in the first inning following an Adrian Gonzalez run-scoring grounder to first. But wait, Colorado has two on and two out in the bottom of the first inning! I'd better get this GT up quickly!


Steve Sax said...

And, it's already 1-1 after 1.

Steve Sax said...

Utley 3B
Rollins SS
A-Gon 1B
Kendrick 2B
Ethier RF
Crawford LF
Grandal C
Pederson CF
Bolsinger P

Infield first, then everyone else. Single file only!

Steve Sax said...

That is not Howie do it (GIDP to end the third)

Steve Sax said...

Bolsinger is trying really hard to make the postseason roster (assuming there is a postseason). I think he's in his own head

Steve Sax said...

and, now we're down 2-1

Dusty Baker said...

Dodgers forgot to post their GT, too, looks like. 7-2 with Bolsinger shitting the bed.

Steve Sax said...

but the giants lose to Oakland! Magic number at 2