Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Post-Game 137 Thread: Van Slyke Gets Gift


Scott Van Slyke had two RISP and one out in the top of the seventh, with the Dodgers up 4-3 in a back-and-forth game. His "double" on a chopper up the middle, deflected by Angels pitcher Trevor Gott, went into left field on the carom, scoring Justin Ruggiano and Corey Seager to put the Dodgers up 6-3. We did not look back, winning 7-5 (Greinke with his 16th win).

Stroke of brilliance: In the fifth inning, with Mike Scioscia sending in left-hander Jose Alvarez to replace starter Nick Tropeano, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly countered by pulling Andre Ethier for PH Ruggiano. Ruggiano doubled to left to score two and put the Dodgers up 3-1.

Offensive incompetence: The Dodgers were an astounding 7-for-22 with RISP, which is impressive for the .318 average (better than the Dodgers usually do with RISP), but horrible given there were 15 opportunities wasted. Let's tally the LOB by batter, shall we?

  • Carl Crawford, 1-for-4, 5 LOB
  • Chris Heisey, 0-for 1, 3 LOB
  • Chase Utley, 2-for-6 (with 3 Ks), 4 LOB
  • Adrian Gonzalez, 0-for-4 (with 3 Ks), 5 LOB
  • Justin Turner, 2-for-6, 3 LOB
  • Andre Ethier, 0-for-2, 2 LOB
  • Corey Seager, 1-for-3, 3 LOB
  • A.J. Ellis, 1-for-4, 3 LOB
  • Joc Pederson, 3-for-4, 2 LOB

That's 30 LOB for the team. We've got to learn how to score some players from the bases.

Upside, however: The Dodgers are now 8.5 games up on that other team, thanks in part to Mike Leake's meltdown in Arizona today (see below; Grumpy Cat was the Diamondbacks' special guest, throwing out the first pitch). Magic number is 17!