Monday, September 21, 2015

Post-Game 149 Thread: Stuck On Seven


All 7, and we'll watch them fall? Certainly not if the Dodgers' offense keeps up its listless ways. And, like a bad earworm, we can't get rid of 7 (as it stands in the way of love!).

The St. Louis Cheaters have already clinched, but the Dodgers aren't knocking the Giants out of it, maintaining their magic number at a healthy seven games with 13 to play. I'm not comfortable, certainly not with Chase Utley having to play third base to fill in for an injured Justin Turner (Utley was 0-for-3); Adrian Gonzalez experiencing stiffness in his back (2-for-4 with a HR), Howie Kendrick just getting back (1-for-5, with 5 LOB), and Joc Pederson and Yasmani Grandal both looking lost again.

Brett Anderson lasted only 4.2 IP, giving up 10 H and 5 ER with only 1 K (and 1 BB). Juan Nicasio remains useless with 0.1 IP and 2 ER yielded. And if Jim Johnson could get a 1-2-3 inning one of these days, it would be a welcome surprise.

But it comes back to the offense--come on guys, it's the Snakes. What are you waiting for?


Fred's Brim said...

This is beginning to feel like the 2013 season where we sat on our dicks the last 3 weeks trying not to lose. I really hope this is done before we go up to SF

Fred's Brim said...

and I think Anderson is tired. he's creeping up on his career high in innings pitched which he set his rookie year 6 years ago.

Fred's Brim said...


Dusty Baker said...

And god dammit!

Nonetheless, I'll be there tonight.