Sunday, January 15, 2012

USA Today: Longtime Dodgers Scout Honored By Peers

It's great to read that Dodgers scout Carl Loewnstine was honored last night at the ninth annual "In the Spirit of the Game" banquet that benefits the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation.
They couldn't have picked a better man to honor,'' said longtime scout Ken Bracey of the Dodgers. "Carl is one of a kind, a great baseball guy, a very religious man. He's sicker than a lot of people know. Just getting on those long plane rides are so tough for him, but he's so loyal. And he loves the Dodgers.
The bigger story is that Loewnstine is battling bone cancer but still soldiering on at his job. So I just wanted to call attention to Loewnstine's health struggle and send a big thanks to him for working behind the scenes to help our Dodgers. Your work is greatly appreciated and we at Sons of Steve Garvey hope you are soon healthy.


Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Mr. Carl sounds like a class act. Hats off to you sir, and prayers for good health.