Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seemingly Good News Coming Out Tonight

Per Associated Press:
NEW YORK - The Los Angeles Dodgers and Fox have settled their lawsuit, removing an impediment to the sale of the bankrupt team.

In a motion filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, the Dodgers said they were abandoning their attempt to sell future media rights and will adhere to their contract with Fox's Prime Ticket subsidiary, which has an exclusive negotiating window from Oct. 15 through Nov. 30 this year.

The team said in a statement "this agreement is a significant step towards a successful sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers."
Let's get this thing done, lads. Hopefully this is another barrier removed.

UPDATE: Bill Shaikin has more here. (h/t: Greg Hao)


Greg Hao said...

Wassup with posting the AP article when as usual, Bull Shaukin broke this story? Should show our local fish wrap a bit more love yo!

Dusty Baker said...


I referenced the first place I saw it. It wasn't a slight to Shaikin or local coverage. The first I noted it was through MSNBC.com, which shot me to the AP article. So I gave it the credit.

Mostly it's about which news outlet does the best job of putting it in front the the prospective reader, and in this case it was AP (through MSNBC.com).

Greg Hao said...

Down with AP hegemony!!

Up with AFP!!!

Dusty Baker said...

"Down with AP hegemony!!"

Things you never thought you'd read on this blog.

Wicks said...

In a somewhat related topic. Anyone see Buster Olney's thoughts on Prince? Knowing that the team should be sold on time and the new owners will be filthy rich McCourt should allowing for the signing of the 1B to make the team better set-up for the future and perhaps drive up the cost. I pray for this to happen!

Dusty Baker said...

I didn't see the Olney take but I can't disagree with the reasoning. Still not sold on the expense and long term prospects for Fielder, but screw it - let's finally let Fielder into the Dodger dressing room the right way.