Thursday, June 23, 2016

SOSG Player of the Game: Michael A. Taylor

Michael A. Taylor - Stock Photo of successful play.

More accurate rendering of Michael A. Taylor's play tonight
With all due respect to Puig, our newest local hero - Nationals outfielder Michael A. Taylor - simply KILLED it tonight with his bat and glove.

0 for 5. FIVE Ks. Earning him this rare Platinum Sombrero pin with luster and clarity.

Note: Open to other nicknames for five strikeouts.

But his perfection at the plate was only a prologue to the win he gifted us in the ninth. Watch it again for the smiles. For the laughs. For the joy of a single turned walk off inside the park homer.

Thank you Michael A. Taylor. Next time you're in town, drinks on us at any Lancers or Claim Jumpers. We'll even go halfsies on appetizers.


Steve Sax said...

great call on the 5Ks, DD

QuadSevens said...

The Platinum Sombrero pin is pretty funny!