Thursday, June 16, 2016

Post-Game 68 Thread: Baez, Blow(i)n' Away


Scott Kazmir wasn't good tonight, but the Dodgers still had a shot at overcoming his 3 ER effort (4.0 IP, and 2 BB against 8 Ks). He gave up three runs, but Trayce Thompson homered in the third to tie the game.

Casey Fien also wasn't good tonight, giving up three more runs in one inning of work in the fifth. However Howie Kendrick, Joc Pederson, and Justin Turner helped the Dodgers battle back with three runs in the sixth, to again tie the game.

But when Pedro Baez gives up a two-run HR in the ninth--that's just too much to bear. Jonathan Villar hit the shot which silenced the home crowd and led the Dodgers to loss. Baez picks up his second loss of the year by giving up yet another HR (at least his fifth this season; possibly his sixth). Pathetic.


spank said...

well that sucked

Pride of Dong said...

SO, to help cheer everyone up, the Frank McCourt and ex-wife charity has been acquired.This means there will be no more Think Cure! events at Dodger games. As a person that did a lot with the charity early on, seeing the decline of it after they sold the Dodgers was truly sad. Helping kids with cancer has always been near and dear to me, and early on, helping raise money was great. But you could tell that after they sold the Dodgers, the McCourts wanted to dump the charity off as fast as they could. Multiple events and yearly traditions were cancelled. Finally today, the email came.

Again, how does this cheer us up? Well, it's one less thing ole Frankie has that's tied to the Dodgers!

"Throughout its history, we have strived to operate ThinkCure! so the generosity of our donors translates to the most funding possible for cancer research. Toward that end, the board of directors of ThinkCure! recently determined the organization’s mission is best achieved by becoming part of City of Hope."

One day I'll tell the story of the time all of us Think Cure runners that had raised a certain amount got to go to the McCourt house. But that story is for another day!

Steve Sax said...

Hopefully you weren't Thinking Upper Decking