Friday, June 24, 2016

More Thoughts On That Crazy Walk-Off Victory (June 22, 2016)

Over 24 hours have passed since that crazy walkoff victory to sweep the Nationals at home. And I can't stop thinking about that game, including stuff like:

1. Was Dodgers 3B Coach Chris Woodward happy about that win, or not? If you look closely at the replay of the game, you'll note that Yasiel Puig ran right through Woodward's stop sign for home. It was only Daniel Murphy's double-clutch which saved what would have been a close play at the plate. Without that throw, as we saw, the Dodgers grabbed an unlikely victory.

We know Chris Woodward is learning on the job this season. However watching his body language in the video, it's pretty obvious that while everyone else is celebrating, Woodward may have had no cause for celebration (as you can see in the photo below).

And the video, again:

2. Did Dodgers manager Dave Roberts endorse that play, either? Roberts certainly didn't expect it, as Roberts said in the post-game interviews:

"I actually took my eye off the ball as it went into center field, so I didn't see what happened," Dave Roberts said. "Then I hear the crowd yelling and the dugout going crazy, so I turn to Yasiel and he's scooting around the bases."

3. And did Yasiel Puig's hamstring want that outcome, either? Seems like Puig needed to coax the hamstring along:

"I didn't see [the stop sign]. I was listening to my hamstring and I was trying to figure out how far it could go," Puig said. "If it exploded there, that's what was going to happen, but I was able to make it home."

4. Michael Taylor not only made that game-costing error, he also had 5 Ks on the night. Good on SoSG Delino for catching this point.

5. And lost amidst this game highlight was a great defensive catch from Adrian Gonzalez:

Man, what a game. Good times. Let's build upon it this weekend in Pittsburgh.


9-1-6 er said...

Woody was pissed, don't even think it was debatable. His body language said so before the play was even over, as Puig had just passed him, you can see him swinging his fist in a frustrated manner and THEN walking off the field past all the players running toward Puig.