Sunday, April 10, 2016

Post-Game 7 Thread: Kazmir Can't Hold Five-Run Lead

This Kazmir sweater already has holes.


Top of the first inning, the Dodgers have ten batters come to the plate and score five runs, before Scott Kazmir can even take the mound. But Kazmir yields two runs in the bottom of the first, and then it was all:

Oh no
It go
It gone
I think
he stinks
And we die

If you want to destroy the lead, Scott
Groove them balls they can knock away
Watch lead unravel, we'll soon be losing
Pitching like a punk, pitching like a punk
we've come undone

Everybody now!


Cliff Beefpile said...

One of my favorite songs now ruined by the image of Kazmir's weird face.

Today is sadness.

Dusty Baker said...

Top 5 PGTs! Well played!

60ft6in said...

Play that "Kashmir" song by Led Zeppelin! As an Angels season ticket holder I saw many a Scott Kazmir meltdown at the Big A. Rots of ruck with Kazmir in the starting rotation! I got my taxes finished early this year so this Friday April 15th I will make my Big O season debut to watch Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw face off.

60ft6in said...

No, it's not a tax form. It's the number of career losses I've seen two current Dodger pitchers have with last names starting with K: Kershaw and Kazmir. At games I have been to Clayton Kershaw is 21-11 and Scott Kazmir is 2-11. That is a difference as great as night and day. Kershaw at one point was 10-10 at games I went to before reeling off eleven consecutive wins. That streak came to a crashing halt versus Jacob deGrom and the N. Y. Mets in NLDS Game 1 last October.

Fred's Brim said...


QuadSevens said...

The game sucked, but the PGT rocked!

Johnny Blanchard said...

How dare you use my Weez to besmirch our boy in blue. Negative, negative, negative. What I see is the heart of a lion behind that weird looking face. The Sons will not submit fully to this pessimism. He sucked today. As did Cueto, and it got better for him. Kenta's up today and the disputed land between Indian and Pakistan shall rise again.

60ft6in said...

Johnny B: Have you taken the train from Lahore, Pakistan to Amritsar, India? You must get off the train at Wagah Station to complete the border formalities. I did so in June 1983. I successfully smuggled two litres of Jack Daniels with me. Indian customs never thought to ask if I was bringing in any whiskey from DRY Pakistan! I had flown from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Rawalpindi, Pakistan the day before. I spent the night at the YMCA in Lahore and did not touch a drop of my JD. Lifetime I have trekked 4,650 miles in the Himalaya (Nepal and India) and gone through more than 80 litres of Jack Daniels. While trekking I would think of All-Star line-ups for each MLB team. I used to play Strat-O-Matic (S-O-M) baseball. As a result I can name the line-ups for many historical teams (including the 1941 and 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers). I don't mention the 1963 Dodgers because I saw them play in game 4 of the World Series. Frank Howard's home run down the left field line into the Loge deck went right over my head. My dad and I were sitting in the fifth row of the field boxes in fair territory. I lived in Kathmandu, Nepal for eleven years. I have been to Nepal 46 times, India 24 times, and Pakistan 3 times. I like to legally drink Yetijuice (anything alcoholic -- whiskey, beer, wine, sake, chang, rakshi) on the trail!

Johnny Blanchard said...

Haha, I just came back here to note that I was right about Kazmir and you negative nellies can suck it and found the awesome response from 60ft6! No, I actually have not taken the train from Lahore, Pakistan to Amritsar, India! LOL. But that is not something I would turn down if I could do it!