Saturday, April 09, 2016

Post-Game 6 Thread: Culberson Stars In Duel Draw

Duel draw, get it?
Remember when "Draw Something" was called "Pictionary"? I guess now it's called "Pictionary" again.


Clayton Kershaw struckout five over eight, yielding only four hits, but two of them were solo home runs. Madison Bumgarner lasted a puny six innings, striking out eight, and hitting one of those two said home runs. But neither factored into the final decision.

But you know who did (figuratively speaking, not technically speaking)? Charlie Culberson, a new Dodger who played only in the NL West (Giants and Rockies), in a smattering of games across three seasons prior to Los Angeles this year. Culberson went 2-for-5 with an RBI, but also made sweet defensive plays in the bottom of the fifth (a spin move on a shot up the middle to get Denard Span), as well as in the bottom of the eighth (after Culberson had just switched from short to left field), robbing Angel Pagan on a diving grab. Culberson then followed a Corey Seager double in the top of the tenth with a double to right, scoring Seager and allowing the Dodgers to take the 3-2 lead.

Charlie Culberson, man. I'll take it.

Adrian Gonzalez (2-for-5 also had a RBI, his fifth on the season, when he tied the game at 2-2 in the ninth inning. Adrian is so clutch.

Scott Van Slyke had an RBI but had to leave the game in the third inning. with back tightness. Carl Crawford has already tried to beat Van Slyke to the punch, going on the 15-day DL with back pain of his own. We've got 74 outfielders, and so few of them are healthy.

Not that any Giants fans were there to see it. The Giants' crowd upheld its reputation of being fair-weather fans who leave games early--even in close games; look at how few people were behind the plate in the top of the tenth:

Those fans are a disgrace to baseball.