Thursday, July 16, 2015

Post-Game 27 Thread: Pederson, At The Wall And Over The Wall (2x)


Look, the Dodgers were knocked out early in this one, what with a five-spot hung on spot starter Joe Wieland in the bottom of the first inning. Our highlight, however, came in the sixth inning when Joc Pederson made a catch in the deepest part of Miller Park, a catch so good that Charley Steiner totally mis-called it (as heard on the video above).

Of course, I kid; Steiner mis-calls every deep fly ball, right?! But I have a feeling this is a sign of great center-field catches to come from this rookie Pederson (who also homered in the fifth and eighth innings). So instead of focusing on the rubber-match loss, I'll focus instead on the positive.