Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scully's Intro from Last Night's Hockey Game


Scott said...

My blood is blue.

It’s called blue heaven for a reason.

When I hear Vin Sully's voice permeate the air, goosebumps of joy ripple over my skin.

At twilight when I see purple mountains I think of America the beautiful.

When the name Tommy Lasorda is announced respect is a standing ovation.

My taste buds yearn for an infamous grilled Farmer John Dodger Dog® once admitted inside.

The loud crack of a bat hitting the baseball brings back memories of World Series games along ago.

It's when the crisp white home uniforms run upon the manicured field that thoughts of glory are made for everyone in attendance.

Any fouled ball hit into the stands is a youngsters dream to take home, hand it to them and make a baseball fan for life.

It’s Dodger Stadium, Blue Heaven

Not Hockey!