Thursday, January 09, 2014

Puig Hires Cousin To Drive Recklessly For Him

Like Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy, Yasiel Puig has hired a driver (his cousin) to save him from his own lead feet:

LOS ANGELES -- After two incidents of reckless driving in eight months, Yasiel Puig has decided to relinquish the steering wheel.

Los Angeles Dodgers president Stan Kasten said he spoke with Puig on Thursday, and the 23-year-old outfielder told him he has hired a cousin to drive him around for the time being.

"I give him credit for taking that step if nothing else," Kasten said during a radio appearance on ESPNLA 710. [...]

Kasten and general manager Ned Colletti both spoke with Puig after his latest run-in with law enforcement. Kasten said he also traveled to Tennessee to meet with the Cuban defector after his first incident, which came while Puig was with the Dodgers' Double-A team.

"I sat him down myself when that happened and made it clear what we expect of him," Kasten said. "I said then that, even if he thinks he can get away with it because he's in Chattanooga, if you ever get to the big leagues, nothing -- nothing -- is going to escape attention. He brought that up to me today."

Wonder if Puig's cousin has to wear the fashionable cap?

Kidding aside, I'm glad for Puig (and for the Dodgers for insisting on this).


NicJ said...

Worked for Paul Walker.

Too soon?

Orel said...

I like how the solution is "hire a driver" instead of "drive slower."

Dusty Baker said...

Dry reckless, like a dry drunk?

karen said...

@NicJ....Yeah it's probably too soon, but God have mercy on my soul, it is really funny.

Dusty Baker said...

Never too soon, Nic.