Friday, November 19, 2010

Lambo: Quickly Becoming Expendable?

Cleaning out the email box...thanks to Bryan M. for this Keith Law tidbit (insider only) (from late October!) on Andrew Lambo, one of the two Dodgers we pitched to Pittsburgh to rent "Doctor" Octavio Dotel for a month and a half:

Pittsburgh outfielder Andrew Lambo's shown good and bad sides so far in Arizona. The good has been the raw power -- it's a simple, direct swing with good leverage, and he can murder a fastball or poorly placed offspeed pitch, mostly pull the ball. He's fringy defensively but has a plus arm and probably won't cost his team too many runs in right field. The bad has been the on-field behavior -- arguing loudly with an umpire (attendance is sparse here, so we could hear every word in the seats) and, after flinging his bat into the seats on a swing and miss, holding up the game until the young fan gave him back his bat, only to fling it right back into the stands again and raise the same stink.

Lambo has already been suspended once for marijuana usage, but from where I sit that's only relevant if it impacts his work ethic or ability to play the game. I'm much more concerned about the immaturity he's shown, because that's a potential sign that he's not going to fare well with coaches trying to help him improve or teammates who will have little patience for his antics between the lines.

Okay, so perhaps Lambo wasn't that much of a loss for the Dodgers. That still doesn't explain why we included J-Mac in the trade for a 45-day rental, however.


CincoSeisDos said...

What are you talking about?

Lambo was a huge loss, even bigger considering who we got in return for dotel.

It was pretty much Lambo and McD for a losing 25 year old minor leaguer.

Ned got fleeced. Everyone knew this as the clock struck deadline time on July 31st

Greg Zakwin said...

I'll still take him back.

Nostradamus said...

Agreed. There's not enough lipstick in the world to class up this pig.

Dean H. said...

You still hate to lose talent in the system. A guy with upside can always turn it around. Look at Josh Hamilton.

Ned has gotten fleeced in a LOT of deadline deals involving younger players. Frank should turn off his cellphone once the Dodgers leave Spring Training.