Tuesday, May 07, 2024

At-Game 37 Recap: Buehler Back; Four Home Runs; Microscopic Food Fare (May 6, 2024)


May The Sixth Be With You!

The Dodgers, looking to bring in crowds after their showdown sweep over the Braves this past weekend, shifted Star Wars Night @ Dodger Stadium to May 6, rather than the traditional May 4. Fun was still had by all, and in particular, Dodger fans who got a chance to see Walker Buehler take the mound for the first time in two years.

Here's Buehler's introduction from the public address announcer, which was pretty cool to hear:

But then came the reality: a 25-pitch first inning that yielded two runs for the Marlins. To say he wasn't sharp was an understatement--but to be fair, Buehler AND the rest of the Dodgers didn't give up a walk, all game. Not to mention, the Dodgers hit all the necessary milestones to win the crowd some free food: stolen base (ampm free hot dog and 12 oz coke), seven strikeouts (Jack in the Box free Jumbo Jack), and six runs scored (McDonald's free 6-piece Chicken McNuggets). (I think the free CPK pizza deal ended after last season.)

More on the Dodgers food situation later.

Luckily for the Dodgers, we have Shohei Ohtani, whose first-inning HR (following a Mookie Betts leadoff walk) immediately tied the score, with none out in the first. I was fortunate to get this video (yes, that's me and SoSG AC screaming):

Freddie Freeman followed with a first-inning HR of his own, so it was 3-2. The Marlins then tied it in the second on a Nick Gordon solo HR. Then in the bottom of the second, after Gavin Lux worked a walk, James Outman came to the plate. I jokingly said to SoSG AC that Outman was going to pull an Ohtani of his own and hit a two-run HR. Which, amazingly, he did. We were both cracking up that I had called that.

The Dodgers added one more with a solo poke HR from Teoscar Hernandez, who apparently has seven of his eight HR on the year at Dodger Stadium. Solid performances from Ryan Yarbrough, Blake Treinen, and Alex Vesia gave us the 6-3 victory and our fifth win in a row (we are undefeated in May 2024 so far).

The Star Wars Night theming was pretty good, including a Dejarik board for the hat shuffle, a pre-game trivia contest, and abundant crowd shots of fellow nerds in the crowd. (Anthony Keides of the Red Hots and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 were also at the game.)

The return of onions at Dodger Stadium: possibly the only fiscally positive addition to the Stadium this season

On the downside: the Dodger Stadium food fare has really sunk to new depths of both quantity (small) and pricing (large). They got rid of the chicken sandwich place that I liked from last year (the Nashville spicy chicken sandwich was great), and instead the new Japanese place has a chicken katsu sandwich which is a total ripoff. Not only is the chicken wafer-thin like a smushed McDonald's hash brown patty (breaded of course), the small piece of white "bread" for the sandwich (and I use that liberally, as it's little more than the size of a Triscuit cracker) is pathetically microscopic:

I'm already shelling out $16.50 for a beer at the Stadium. If the food is also going to be both skimpy in portion size and exorbitant in price, I'm going to bring in my own food in the future. Very disappointing from a food front! Thankfully, I've got free food to eat today all over town.

Fix the food and GO DODGERS!


spank said...

sucks about that chicken sandwich. that's some sad shit. Dodgers need to up their food game. thanks for the post saxy.