Monday, December 12, 2011

Off-Season Puzzle: Help Us Fill Out Our Softball Lineup Card

(Sorry, no PCS points for this one.) There's still time to join the team (see below)! But if you can't play with us, you can at least help SoSG represent at the 2012 Dodger blogger softball tournament organized by

possible positions
Central Valley Fan*OF
Dusty Baker3B, OF
Dusty Baker's ToothpickP, 1B, 2B, OF
el montanero*OF
G-woman1B, 2B
Friend of G-womanOF
Johnny BlanchardC, 3B, OF
John GP, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS
Josh S.1B, 2B, OF
Mr. CustomerC, 1B, 2B, OF
rbnlawP, OF
SoSG Orel2B, 3B, SS

List your lineup suggestions in the comments!

The details:

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spank said...


Jason said...

Kemp 6
Kemp 4
Kemp 8
Kemp 9
Kemp 5
Kemp 1
Kemp 7
Kemp 2
Kershaw 1

Hideo Nomo said...

Quien es G-woman?

Orel said...

Johnny Blanchard was kind enough to recruit two ladies for our team. I have a feeling they'll end up being ringers.

Dusty Baker said...

Did you think it was a new super hero, Nomo?

Paul said...

I see you have the correct spelling of Neeebs*. He tries to downplay the *.

Paul said...

I am in, nope wait holding out for more beer. dammit donated already. Still holding out for more beer.

Dusty Baker said...

Are you seriously in, Paul?

(Seriously good use of the comma above; otherwise, that would just be weird.)

Paul said...
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Paul said...

I made my donation! Now just need to clear my schedule. Mr. C where is my schedule?

Johnny Blanchard said...

I request a CF appointment. I play baseball every Sunday at said position. This may be a detriment, if only for an inflated sense of entitlement, so place me in any lineup slot, perhaps like Kemp in 2009, to keep my head deflated. See, I just compared myself to Matt Kemp. And I'll move the trash can if I damned well see fit to do it.

Dusty Baker said...


I can pretty much guarantee that you are about 45,000 times better than any of the rest of us, save for maybe RBN and Neeebs whom I believe play regularly, so you should have carte blanche to claim CF or whereever else you are likely able to help our otherwise hapless team.

Dusty Baker said...

Oh, with Paul playing, put him on the list of good players as well.

Nomo goes on the list of good playas.

MR.F said...

What are these asterisks next to certain SoSGers' names? Are Central Valley Fan, el montanero, and Neeebs being suspected of roiding?

rbnlaw said...

As manager of this rag-tag bunch, my only question is, "Can't nobody here play this goddamn game?"

(paraphrasing Stengel)

Nomo is our go-to runner to the snack bar for another pitcher. We'll be employing the "I buy; you fly" offense. I predict a huge upset. . .if there's no beer.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Will there be play-by-play blogging and/or commenting?

Johnny Blanchard said...

I just need to be that special kind of drunk where I'm a better ballplayer because I know I'm drunk.