Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kent: Tuck In Your Mothertucking Shirt, Rook

"In your face, Kent!"

From Diamond Leung:

Regarding last year's clubhouse troubles, Colletti said, "I know why it occurred. It's been addressed." Speaking of which, a source today recounted an incident between Jeff Kent and James Loney after a September loss last season that underscores the divide. Loney untucked his jersey after the game in the near-empty dugout, and Kent ordered him to tuck his shirt back in. Loney was in the middle of something and said alright, he'd do it. Kent shook his head and walked off in a huff and later let Loney know how unprofessional the kid was being. It was at the end of the series that Kent criticized the team's young players.


Pedro Guerrero said...

If Looney has to tuck in his shirt, then Kent has to shave his f*cking mug...Enough with the hick look already.

Steve Sax said...

Pedro: Word.

A source today recounted an incident in a parallel universe between Earth-2 Jeff Kent and Earth-2 James Loney. Kent wanted to grow back his famous porn-stache, and Loney told him that mustaches like his weren't exactly the style of kids these days. Kent said he was in the middle of growing the mustache, but "alright", he'd decide not to regrow it and go wash his truck instead. Loney shook his head and walked off, wondering when he would get facial hair of his own to grow.

Orel said...

Did someone say pornstache?