Monday, December 10, 2007

Chicago Sun-Times Goes Where Tribune Fears to Tread

I don't see why the Chicago Tribune, sister publication of the Los Angeles Times, can't post stories like this. Here's the Sun-Times with an interesting option for Ken Williams, Chicago White Sox GM: Sign Juan Pierre. Brilliant!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Ken Williams was among the first wave of general managers to escape the confusing maze of lobbies at the Opryland Resort today, choosing to cancel his daily briefing with reporters. [...]

There still is time for Williams to salvage his offseason.

When center fielder Andruw Jones agreed to a two-year, $36.2 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, that limited the destinations for former Sox center fielder Aaron Rowand. Losing the leverage of having the Dodgers in the picture could lessen Rowand’s demands for a five-year deal and stoke talks with the Sox.

Acquiring Jones also allows the Dodgers to entertain offers for speedy center fielder Juan Pierre, the former Cub whom Guillen adores from their days together with the Marlins. The Sox are still in need of a legit leadoff hitter, and Pierre would team well at the top of the Sox’ lineup with newly acquired shortstop Orlando Cabrera — Williams’ lone bright spot this offseason — in the No. 2 spot. Say what you will about Pierre, but he would be an improvement over current leadoff favorite Jerry Owens.

And adding Pierre might make more sense than re-acquiring Rowand.

The Sox are still weighed down by an aging, slow middle lineup. Rowand, 30, will provide pop — and better defense in center field — but Pierre would add the speed element Guillen has been craving.

Hey, Ken! Juan Pierre has the Signature Quickness that you're looking for! You remember how loved he was with the Cubs. And he shows up to play every day and works really hard and is by all accounts a great guy. Did we mention the Signature Quickness?

As for Ethier and Kemp, these are not the droids you're looking for.


la tinatinita said...

well, those giants signed rowand so i guess williams will have to pursue pierre, if he gets him, that's what i'd called best christmas presentEVER

Orel said...

If that happens we'll start our "Ned for President" campaign.