Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dodgers and Angels Lose Out on Cabrera

From "Marlins sending Cabrera, Willis to Tigers" by Robothal at FOXSports.com:

The Marlins and Tigers have made the first blockbuster splash of the Winter Meetings.

Florida and Detroit have reached a preliminary agreement that will send star third baseman Miguel Cabrera and left-hander Dontrelle Willis to Detroit for a package of young players headlined by outfielder Cameron Maybin and left-hander Andrew Miller, according to major-league sources.

The Tigers will also send four other prospects to the Marlins as part of the deal.


Steve Sax said...

Cabrera and Willis traded for six players. From a weight perspective, that sounds to me like an even trade.

Alex Cora said...

Anyone know anything about the prospects the Tigers got? Do they compare to what the Dodgers have - ie Loney, Kemp, Kershaw, LaRoche?

Orel said...

from DT:

"174. Eric Enders
For the Dodger system, the equivalent would have been Kemp, Elbert (Miller's nowhere near as good as Kershaw), and '4 minor leaguers.' "

"203. Eric Enders
BP ratings from November:

RHP Eulogio de la Cruz (#7 in system; '2-star prospect')
RHP Dallas Trahern (#11, '2-star prospect'
catcher Mike Rabelo (not in top 11 prospects)
RHP Burke Badenhop (not in top 11 prospects)

So basically, it was Miller, Maybin, and a bunch of filler. Really lousy trade for Florida, IMO."