Friday, December 07, 2007

It's Too Bad Ned Colletti Never Reads Blogs, As He Will Never See This

Click/mouse over picture to see what Ned's missing! (Warning: mildly NSFW!)

From Diamond Leung:

Asked if it was the salary that was driving up expectations about Pierre, Colletti said, "Check it out on some blog, I don't know." Colletti later claimed never to have read a single blog entry in his lifetime.


To be fair, Josh Rawitch offers his perspective:

As for the comments about Ned reading the blog (or any blog), I can assure you that he was joking around with our beat writers at the winter meetings and it came off as flippant. Since three of our regular papers now have blogs, that topic came up and everyone was joking about it, which was when Ned made the comment he made. As someone who sees just how insanely busy his schedule is, it's safe to assume that he doesn't do much reading of media coverage or blogs and I'm fairly certain that he's not alone in that area when it comes to big league GMs. That doesn't mean they don't care about what fans think - it's just that they have to rely on their scouts and baseball people for opinions and then make a decision rather than reading every website out there for input.


Eric Karros said...

Man, I hope the girl in the photo doesn't read blogs either

Orel said...

I'll ask her when I get home.

Alex Cora said...

Looks like Ned's head is in all the right places!

Orel said...

Nice, AC!

Mike Scioscia's tragic illness said...


Who'd have ever thought that a super hot naked girl could be such nightmare fuel?

Steve Sax said...

Boy, she's got a great set of Collettis.