Monday, October 29, 2018

5 Burning Questions Ow It Burns Make It Stop

I did not tweet this tweet. Maybe we got hacked.

It's the return of Five Things! (That means something to like two of you out there.)

1. Kersh: In or out? Obviously he can make more than $65 million for two years so he'll opt out, but will he re-sign with us and stay competitive or sign with his hometown Rangers and enjoy the second half of his career closer to home? The first domino falls soon.

2. Harper? First of all, Goodbye Felicia/Manny. Secondly, do we break the bank for Harper? Does the front office think he'll fit their newfangled homer-only adjust-never approach? If we land Harper, who goes? Does Joc and/or Puig become trade bait? Remember we owe Kemp $21.5M next year.

3. Catcher issues. Grandal leads the free-agent catcher class with his 24 regular-season HRs and supposedly legendary framing skills. The Dodgers are unlikely to dish out for offense they already have and his butterfinger defense, but then who becomes the everyday catcher? Barnes? The minor-league guys are still years away so this one is a head-scratcher. Maybe a trade?

4. How to fix the bullpen. Once Kenley gets his heart surgery, will he return to the Kenley of old? Can we go Baez in the 8th to Kenley in the 9th and just figure out the post-starter bridge guys? Remember the Dodgers owe Jansen $56M over the next three years so he isn't going anywhere.

5. Forget small ball. It's big ball now. Somewhere along the line the front office decided to mash at all costs. Will they decide this year's results were worth it? Was NLCS Game 5 just a fluke? Will Justin Turner remain the only guy who excels at situational hitting?

OK that was more than five questions but you get the idea. This team needs to make some decisions.


Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Kershaw is staying. He’ll either honor the current contract or opt out and re-up on a new 4 yr deal.

Harper is coming to LA.

Grandal is following Manny out the door

Backstops will be Barnes/Some rookie either Smith or Ruiz

Bullpen will be made up of scrap heap guys like always. Baez has shown he can be the 8th inning guy. Let’s hope he remembers whatever steps he took to get there.

Greg Zakwin said...

Don't forgot how good Seager is as a hitter.

Cliff Beefpile said...

Have they given up on Farmer?

QuadSevens said...

The Kershaw news deadline has been extended to 1PM Friday. I'm hoping they announce a new 5 year deal for him.