Monday, September 26, 2016

The Mighty VIN

It would have been enough just to be present for Vin Scully's last official game.

A moment so majestic I didn't even mind my heat stroke... or how much money we spent on beer and futuristic ice cream products.

It would have been enough to witness a game-tying homerun...

Or a walk-off homer in extra innings...

Note - I thought I'd already been in attendance for the most exciting NL West Clinching moment possible.

Man, I was wrong.

It would have even been enough just to see a game with the family on a Sunday in LA.

Put it all together... and it truly was...

Animal helps lead the Dodgers multiple comebacks.

A much-deserved victory lap!

Tipping their caps to the Mighty Vin.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more emotional, Vin plays a serenade to his wife... the "Wind Beneath (His) Wings"

Easily putting the Better Midler / Krusty duet to shame!

A game all in attendance will never forget... dedicated to a man this city will always remember. Thank you, Mr. Scully

"Shame on us if you ever have to pay for another meal in public." - Crash Davis / The Mariner


Orlando Zepeda said...

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere.

From Sports Reference: A statistical trip thru Vin Scullys Extraordinary Career

Fred's Brim said...

That was awesome, DDS!

Orel said...

And nice link, OZ!