Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Little More Love for VIN

A friend that I'll just call "RAB" shared a little ditty about his Grandfather. Note: even though it's in blockquotes, no guarantee this is a direct quote

My grandfather was a rabid Dodgers fan since Brooklyn... even claiming he moved to LA just to follow them West. He'd listen to or watch pretty much every single game they played.

When I was older, I tried to take Grandpa to a game but he REFUSED. "What's the point of going. Vin paints a better picture of the game than the game itself"

Maybe Gramps was just cheap :-)

He also could have listened on headphones at the stadium... that tends to go well.

But the sentiment is spot on.

There will never be another Vin.

As another living legend once said...

See some of you at the game on Sunday, with the family DeShields in tow!


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