Monday, February 16, 2015

Dodgers Second In Projected Wins

2015 projected wins are out, and the Dodgers are second only to the Nationals. A 2015 championship is basically in the bag:

The Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest projected season win totals, and the Philadelphia Phillies have the lowest, according to numbers posted Friday at the Atlantis sports book in Reno, Nevada.

The Nationals, who are 5-1 favorites to win the World Series at the Atlantis, top the sports book's season win total list at 93. The Dodgers, at 91, are the only other team projected to win more than 90 games.

In fact, Buster Olney is pretty confident on that total (link insider only):

Los Angeles Dodgers, 91 wins

[I]t’s easy to forget that the Dodgers won the NL West comfortably last season, winning 94 in the regular season and finishing with a six-game margin. Sure, Clayton Kershaw had two lousy starts against the Cardinals in the postseason, but he's early in what looks to be one of the best pitching careers in history, and I wrote the other day about all the strong work the Dodgers have done in bolstering the infrastructure this winter.

And remember, when you consider what’s ahead for the Dodgers -- as with the Yankees and Red Sox and other high-budget teams -- you have to factor in the midseason boost they'll get before the trade deadline. If a move is needed to make them better, they’re going to do it, and the Dodgers have the wealth and the depth of prospects to make deals that small-market and mid-market teams don’t want to do. Cole Hamels? Johnny Cueto, if the Reds are out of contention? For L.A., anything is possible. The Padres should be better than last year, but the Dodgers have a really, really deep roster, and they’ve got Kershaw and Zack Greinke at the front of their rotation.

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