Monday, February 16, 2015

Get Well Soon, Pedro Guerrero

Pedro Guerrero is in the hospital, but on the mend...

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Former Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Pedro Guerrero has been hospitalized in the Dominican Republic with bleeding on the brain, but a friend says the 1981 World Series co-MVP appears to be in good spirits and is speaking with people in the hospital.

Andres Vanerhorst, who visited Guerrero in the hospital, spoke with The Associated Press on Monday.

Guerrero, 58, was in the intensive care unit and is being treated by a neurosurgeon while undergoing further testing. He was hospitalized a day earlier, and tests detected the cranial bleeding.


Fred's Brim said...

yikes! how do you get cranial bleeding?

karen said...

FB...I think I read quite awhile ago that he was a drug user. Don't know if that was true but I have also read that people who do drugs like speed can get brain bleeds. Just hoping he recovers and goes on with a healthy life.