Monday, February 23, 2015

Blue Plate Special: Cofax

In this installment of Blue Plate Special, Mrs Cora, Mamma Cora, I visited Cofax coffee shop.  Why you ask?  Well, Coffee + Speciality Burritos + Dodger Theme = YES SIR!  Cofax is located at 440 North Fairfax Ave between Melrose and Beverly in Los Angeles (  Speaking with Adam, one of the managers, the place was started by 3 Dodger fans and while thinking about the name for the place, came up with COffee on fairFAX, leading to COFAX with the homage to Sandy.

They have an assortment of coffee selections, both hot and cold.  In addition, the kitchen makes two types of burritos, veggie and chorizo.  Being a thorough reviewer, I opted to try BOTH of them just for the sake of completeness (ah yes, the SOSG sacrifice).  Both are jammed packed with flavor goodness, but what separates these from other burritos seems to lie in the smoked tomatoes and the integrated chips which gives them both a rustic and whimsical taste.  Plus the wrapped tortilla is grilled to just the right amount of crispness so you get that satisfying crunch when biting into the burritos.  They also come with a spicy red sauce and a milder verde sauce.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but Mrs. and Mamma Cora said the coffee was spot on.

And, of course, the Dodger decor could not be beat, with a Dodger blue painted espresso machine, bobbleheads above the counter, and specially commissioned original art of Dodger legends, both past and present.  The Cofax logo resembles both the Dodger script on the signage and the Brooklyn Dodger logo on with window and hats.  So give a local Dodger coffee shop a try, and if you mention that you heard about them through SOSG, you will probably get a quizzical look and a "uh ok, what would you like to order."  You can also follow them on what mamma Cora likes to call "The Facebooks and Instant Grams".  Try it and let me know what you think!  Also, if you know another place with Dodger memorabilia, I will again sacrifice the stomach, put on the stretchy pants, and review it.  Enjoy and bon appetit!


Original Dodger Artwork

Commissioned For The Store

Specially Painted Dodger Blue Espresso Machine

Veggie Burrito

Chorizo Burrito + Avo

Cofax Logo Hailing The Brooklyn Dodgers

Coffee Signage in Dodger Script

One Of Many Speciality Donuts


Dusty Baker said...

Awesome! Great find. Thanks for the write-up.

Fred's Brim said...

Two notes:
Fernando looks like Rosanne Barr in that drawing

"rustic and whimsical" is also a great way to describe Dusty's lovemaking

Steve Sax said...

Neato torpedo find, AC!

Steve Sax said...

FB +1

Jason said...

"Rusty and wrinkly" is how you'd describe Delino's lovemaking.

Dusty Baker said...

That's the way Neeebs' mom described it, alas.

But she always comes back for more.