Sunday, August 07, 2022

Games 106-108 Thread: Aug 5-7 vs. Padres

Sorry, one more late Series Thread post. The Padres may have landed Juan Soto, but Dodger fans have greeted him with healthy boos. More importantly, the Dodger team has beaten up on the Padres, winning the first two games in the weekend series. We go for the sweep today.


Steve Sax said...


Betts RF
Trea Turner SS
Freeman 1B
Smith C
Muncy 3B
Lux 2B
Gallo DH
Taylor LF
Bellinger CF

Anderson P

Steve Sax said...

Padres go 1-2-3 in the first. Betts singles, advances to second on a Turner ground out, and is stranded at second.

0-0 through 1

Steve Sax said...

Cody HR!

1-0 LA, B3

Steve Sax said...

Betts doubles!

Steve Sax said...

Freeman delivers a RBI base hit!

2-0 LA

Steve Sax said...

Leadoff double for Muncy in the fourth: totally wasted, especially by Joey Automatic Out Gallo.

2-0 LA through 4

Steve Sax said...

Gallo Ks with Muncy at third, ending the inning.

That guy is awful.

Steve Sax said...