Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Post-Game 128 Thread: Dave Roberts Just Clowned the Mets


In the first game of an incredibly over-hyped three-game series featuring the best two teams in the National League, the Dodgers eked out a gritty 4-3 win over the Mets mostly due to three RBI from Gavin Lux across two clutch AB. But that wasn't the full story.

Dodger Manager Dave Roberts, watching his team battle back and scratch out the go-ahead run in the seventh inning, was entering the ninth inning having spent starter Andrew Heaney, journeyman Heath Hembree, and bullpen stalwarts Alex Vesia and Evan Phillips. Most of us Dodger fans were expecting Phillips to go two frames; or possibly hold our breaths (and our scrotums) to watch Craig Kimbrel try and close out the ninth.

Nope. Roberts sent out Jake Reed to the mound.

Jake Reed had a 9.00 ERA across 9 IP this year, including five games with the Mets (who dumped him on July 10, allowing the Dodgers to claim him on waivers). In Reed's three games with the Dodgers, he'd pitched 2.2 IP and given up 5 H and 1 ER. Not exactly a great audition, right? But it was good enough to convince Roberts to send him out there to finish the game.

That was insane.

What was even more insane was...Reed actually delivered the victory. Leadoff single to Eduardo Escobar, yikes. Then Reed induces Daniel Vogelbach to GIDP to a shifted Max Muncy (credit Roberts with the shift, as well!), and then gets Brandon Nimmo to hit a comebacker for the final out.

Nice performance from Reed, of course. But what a ballsy move by Roberts, who not only saved the rest of his bullpen arms either for the next two games, or down the late-season stretch--he also basically told the Mets, "I can beat you, even with the dregs of my team. And if I can't? I don't care."

And Roberts was right. It was a crazy move, but just so crazy that it might work...and it did! Amazing.

Buck Showalter has got to be steamed. The capacity crowd at Citi Field must have been pissed off.

And we may lose tonight to Jacob deGrom, as the betting lines are indicating; and then who knows on Thursday, for Clayton Kershaw's return from the IL.

But Dave Roberts doesn't care. He's going to be bold, anyway.


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