Thursday, April 28, 2022

Post-Game 18 Thread: Snake-bit


I'm posting this only because I figure the Dodger faithful might need a spot to vent. We dropped two of three in Arizona to the lowly Diamondbacks, thanks to an overall lack of hitting (one run scored in the last 17 innings), not to mention three errors in the field. The worst of the fielding errors was on Tuesday from Gavin Luxe (deliberately spelled with an extra "e" after botching a throw that sent two runs home and paved the way for a third). But errors from Freddie Freeman and Max Muncy didn't help any in Wednesday's loss, either.

I'm salty. Let's take the day off, shall we?


karen said...

Yes...the lowly Snakes. WTF?? We also lost one to the Reds which also is shameful.

BTW...The picture on the PGT is enough to make my blood run cold. YUCK!!!

Steve Sax said...


Why’d it have to be snakes.