Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Post-2021 NLDS Game 4 Thread: Mookie Mashes The Dodgers Back From The Brink

The winning Game 4 giveaway towel.


This might be more of an At-Game Recap than a Post-Game Thread, but I needed to get my thoughts out about Game 4 (which I attended), which was a much better outcome than Game 3 (which I also attended). I am lucky to have been present for both games and I am very glad we won Game 4. But it was tense, man. Even with the Dodgers clearly getting to Giants starter Anthony DeSclafani early; and with Dodgers starter Walker Buehler looking decently solid on his own, it didn't seem like it was in hand, even with a 2-0 lead.

Then came Mookie Betts, in the bottom of the fourth, right after Walker Buehler had legged out a ricochet shot that resulted in a fielding error by Giants pitcher Jarlin Garcia. With none out, Mookie ripped one to right center field:

That one was the first time I thought the Dodgers had a chance at winning this game. 2-0 was a good start, punctuated by a Trea Turner RBI double in the first, and then a Chris Taylor sac fly in the second. But we really needed some space here, and that shot did it. From then on I felt a lot better about the game, especially getting an opportunity to see the entire Giants bullpen, which I hope proves advantageous in Game 5 (assuming we can get past Logan Webb, that is).

After the misery of Game 3, which started with swirls of cold wind befitting a San Francisco day more than a Los Angeles evening, it was great to be here for Gmae 4 with the climate more typical of a Dodger game. Just to be safe, though, I changed everything about my routine from Game 3. I changed Dodgers shirts and Dodger jackets. I wore different pants, shoes, and Dodger socks. I even broke out a brand new, never-before worn World Series LA Dodgers hat--from the 2017 World Series which was cheated from us--to make sure the baseball gods remembered.

Maybe Mookie saw my hat. He wasn't there for that 2017 heartbreak (and unfortunately, he was there for 2018's disappointment, just on the other side). But Mookie was definitely there for 2020. And it was great to see him there in 2021, leading us to a critical victory.

Great win. Grateful I was there for it.

Full highlights:


karen said...

Sax...I love your pregame superstitious routine. I do the same thing, also including shower times, food, sitting in the same place and position to watch the game as the previous game and all the towels, sheets, etc. exactly how they were or weren't depending on the game outcome. I know we baseball fans are a superstitious bunch but it's always nice to have it reconfirmed that I'm not alone.

Steve Sax said...

@karen: thanks. at some point I might talk about another superstition...stay tuned