Thursday, April 11, 2019

Eugenio Velez - Still Number One In Our Hearts!

Which score on an exam is more impressive: 100 or 0?

DiMaggio had his streak. The Undertaker too. But I'd argue that Eugenio Velez's was even more impressive: 0 for 46, including 37 in Dodger Blue. Getting zero hits is not the impressive part. His being allowed to go up for his 46th futile at bat and still have a job - that's a f'ing miracle.

Then along came Chris Davis and his $23 Million plus contract. Thus far, his season has been the most consistent we've ever witnessed.

At least Journeyman Eugenio's "0 for" came at a discount: back then, he got paid in Blimpie coupons.

When you tack on the last few games from Chris Davis's equally lackluster 2018, he's reached a LEGEN (wait for it) DARY O for 50! (as of SOSG's press-time)

As you can see, he's more than ready for his closeup.

Rest assured, Eugenio Velez - Dodgers nation will always remember you as the People's Champion of Futility.