Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Want Your Dodgers Humanized? We Got Your Dodgers Humanized

This is one of the best articles I've read about this year's Dodgers team.

From "Why the dominant Dodgers are actually World Series underdogs" by Sam Miller at ESPN.com:

But there's another way to think about the Dodgers: not as a brand or a trademark or a corporation but as a collection of Dodgers. Each Dodger is a person, and if they collectively form the whole -- the designer-brand laundry -- they also never stop being, principally, the individuals. And there is nothing inevitable about the individuals. There was at least one day in each one of these 25 lives when it probably seemed impossible that this would happen.

Miller proceeds to encapsulate individual Dodger stories — some we've heard before, some we haven't. It's the perfect way to get fired up for the WORLD SERIES, BABY!


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