Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Linkin' In the New Year

"Hey, gimme five! Get it? Because I'm on the — oh, never mind."

The hot stove has cooled and spring training feels like it's miles away, so here are some links to help you get your Dodgers fix:


ernest said...

Thank you for the link!

Franklin Stubbs said...

The ESPN article doesn't appear to address whether either pitcher should be considered more than replacement level.

Capuano, you can make the argument for, since last year was his first "full" season since the birth of the universe, but Harang is, at best, flirting with replacement-level.

Would we really prefer to be calling up Harang over Fife at this point? I don't see much difference.

Never mind the fact that either one of them probably wouldn't (and shouldn't) accept assignment.

Jason said...

Personally, I question the ESPN article's assertion that the only guarantee in baseball is "the beery, sticky coating on fans' shoes as they file out after a game." I never spill beer - at a game or anyplace else - so there is no sticky residue anywhere near me to coat my shoes.

If I recall my time at Catholic school correctly, spilling beer is a mortal sin.